Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eclipse Watch 2017 and Meadowbrook United Church

Yesterday, or Solar Eclipse Day 2017, was a great day! We decided to spend the day at the Kraay Family Farm AKA the Lacombe Corn Maze. They were handing out free solar glasses and besides that, it's an awesome place to spend the day. It's so much more than just the corn mazes, there are dozens of activities. We were there for hours and didn't get bored...we didn't even go into the corn mazes!

Before the eclipse..cloudy
Prior to the Eclipse starting, it was cloudy. I was disappointed at the possibility of not seeing much but as it started, the clouds disappeared and we had clear skies for the entire event. We didn't watch it continuously, but as we were doing various things around the farm, we would put on our glasses....ooh and ahh a bit and go back to the fun at hand. I believe we got about 75% coverage. It got less bright (not dark by any means) and there was a definite temperature drop. Then it was over! There are a ton of excellent images online so I am just posting one that I took by holding my solar glasses over my phone camera.

After jumping, climbing, riding the grain train, watching the pig races, with pigs with names like Lindsay Loham and Kevin Bacon (obviously). I was hoping to see Kevin's brother Chris P. but he was not there. There was also an obstacle course, games, rubber duck racing...and more that I am forgetting. Always a good time!

On the way home, we took the scenic route. I picked a range road and got off the pavement. I found a few things to take photos of including a picturesque little white church. The sign on the church reads:

United Church 

It is beside a newer active church called Meadowbrook Church. This newer church was not as picturesque as the old church, not even close. I peeked in the windows of the old church and it had some chairs piled up along the walls. It looks to be in great shape and I wouldn't be surprised if it was still used occasionally.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Monday as much as I did!


  1. Nice way to spend a Monday. That little church is a nice find. I caught a bit of the eclipse from a high point (about 4700 feet) in the Cypress Hills. What impressed me the most was the temperature drop...I actually had to put on a sweater.

    1. Thanks Michael. Yes we put on our hoodies when the temp dropped. It felt like a pretty dramatic drop...I wish I knew how much it actually changed.

  2. Tried to shoot the eclipse. Insert "sad trombone" soundbite here...the pics, well, they sucked. But back to what I came here to say. Nice little write up here...that's not such a bad little church.

    1. There's always the next eclipse...2024 in Eastern Canada! Thanks Chris, I was glad to find this cute little church, although couldn't find much history on it.

  3. Ha, I love that photo of the pillory! I didn't get to experience the eclipse here because it was clouded over too. Pretty photos of the church!

    1. Thanks Rain! Yeah the kids had fun with that!!
      It was nice to check on the eclipse as it was happening, but more fun doing the other stuff. It's always exciting to see a steeple or the some other familiar building shape when out cruising.