Thursday, November 28, 2019

Winter Hodge Podge

Hello! I am sitting here watching light fluffy snow falling outside my window and dreaming of warmer weather, and cruising the back roads. Also Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!

This post is a hot hodge podge of random winter shots I've taken recently. Enjoy and stay safe and warm!

Pretty sunrise and hoar frost. 

Obligatory lighthouse photo.

Sunset on the Lake.

Another pretty sunset!

This fiery sunrise was amazing!

Spooky fog ahead!

I realized these are mostly sunrise and sunset photos but that's when I am going to and from work, I miss long days and sunlight!

Friday, November 8, 2019

Moody Skies

I took the following photos on October 18th, just north of where I live. I wasn't planning on taking any photos, as I was on an errand to a neighbouring town, but the sky and clouds were irresistible so I make a quick detour to spot I knew. The old house out in the field looks like the roof has collapsed even more since last time I was by. I didn't have my zoom lens so I couldn't get a great photo of it this time.

I love the mood of these images. Since then we have has a huge dump of snow and some chilly temperatures. I guess winter is here!