Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Sunup to Sundown

It never fails, a long weekend away from the blog has turned into almost 3 weeks in the blink of an eye. I had good intentions! What's the old saying about good intentions? The road to Hell is paved with them? That doesn't sound right for this particular situation but just know I was thinking about blogging.

I haven't been exploring much, a photo here and there but I have witnessed some amazing skies recently. It's hard to describe the amazingness of the sunrises and sunsets the last couple of weeks. Orange, yellow, bright pink, cotton candy pink, blues, and purples....splashed across the sky like an ever changing work of art and gone before you know it.

Which ones are sunrises and which ones are sunsets?! Both have been equally breathtaking. I know sunrise/sunset photos are easy shots but I can't help it. I love watching the sky change colour and it's kinda cool to know that I will never see another sky exactly the same.

Hope everyone out there is well and I will be catching up soon!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Brace Yourself....Leftovers are Coming.

Happy Thanksgiving long weekend Canada!! 
I will be celebrating with family and friends and enjoying good food and drink.
See you all next week.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

A Foggy Day in Sylvan Town

Morning Fog 
I took these photos on September 22nd (except the top photo). Hard to believe this was the First Day of Fall. Welcome to Alberta.

Not much else to say here, the fog and mist over the lake caught my eye so I stopped for some photos. The water level has gone down considerably at the lake, so I was able to walk/run along the sand bars as I tried to stir up the seagulls for what I was picturing in my mind as a REALLY COOL PHOTO. Instead the lazy gulls just flapped over to a new spot without gaining much height. I also probably looked like a crazy person. Maybe I needed an umbrella...

Not Iceland.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Update on the Stone Castle of Sylvan Lake

Well, September has ended. October has started with another full day of snow. Maybe Fall really isn't coming to Alberta!

Anyway! One of my early blog posts was about the few remaining historical buildings in Sylvan Lake, AB. The town I now call home. Of note was my favourite building, referred to as the Stone Castle or just The Castle. Read my previous post here.

I am sad to report that last week fire gutted the inside of the castle. It has been vacant and boarded up for years, but it seemed to be common knowledge that people had found a way in and were hanging out inside. I think I can safely say that a person was responsible for the fire whether accidental or not. I have read that the owner, who does not live here, has not been cooperative or interested in talking about starting the process to have the building declared historic. It also does not seem to me to be a priority for the town.

On the night of the fire, I was driving home when I saw the smoke, I drove towards it and saw  several cars pulled over and people watching the fire from the back of the property, the volunteer fire department was already on the scene in the front. People seemed shocked to see that it was the Castle. I stood and watched and chatted with strangers about the castle. It was a somber atmosphere, punctuated by the sirens and sparks from a power line that went down as we watched the castle smolder.

No one knows what will happen to that castle now, the stone structure is still standing but the insides and roof are charred and beyond repair. Sadly, I never saw the inside.

Some more photos here: https://www.facebook.com/Sylvan-Lake-Stone-Castle-1598203890457925/

Here are a couple that I took:

Sept 26th - Side of the castle, hard to tell but there is more back in the trees

Sept 27 - Front of the Castle the day after the fire

I will catch up with everyone's blogs over the next few days!! I have missed being able to read them daily.

Here is a photo from today in Central Alberta....hope things are nicer where you are!

Happy First Day of October!