Friday, April 28, 2017

Goin' Old School near Donalda

Science Mound School
No trip of mine would be complete without finding an old school or 3.  Fortunately the Donalda area has many old schools as well as old houses and buildings down just about any gravel road you take. This area never disappoints. The only thing that I couldn't control was the weather....had to cut the trip short but still satisfied with the things I did get to see when I wasn't blinded by snow all up in my grill.

This wins my favourite school of the day. It is called Science Mound. It was reportedly named after a nearby hill, but I couldn't see a hill anywhere I looked. The school operated from 1905-1954, then it was sold to the Science Mound Community Club in 1956. It was used into the 90's, by my friend Tim's recollection, which is also around the time it got the new red roof. You can see there was a vestibule on the front at one time. Now the paint is peeling, the wood has holes and the rock foundation needs some TLC. Sadly, I don't imagine that any work will be done on this old timer.

Science Mound

Spruce Coulee - still operating as a Community Centre

Ibsen - now privately owned 
There are other schools in the area that I have blogged about previously so I won't post them again but here are the links to them in case you need to see more schools! Up To Date School,  Skybo School and Wanda School.

Also on the way home I stopped by to see my old friend Rutherford. It was summer last time I drove by so here is a current photo.

Thanks again to Tim for being my exploring buddy! Next blog post will be abandoned houses in the Donalda area.  Ooooh ahhh!

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a great weekend.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Ferry Point

Part of the Donalda Museum,
on the edge of the coulee.

A few days ago I met up with someone who I've talked to through an online photo group, he is a wealth of knowledge on various topics and history, particularly the history of the area around Donalda, AB. (I have bugged him with many questions!) He showed me some cool old schools and some other interesting places. If it wasn't for the weather, I could've/would've explored a few more hours! The snow was coming down pretty good at some points, ruining what could've been some great photos but there is always another day. Hopefully this is the last of the snow and real Spring is coming soon. Stay tuned!

One of the areas that caught my interest was Ferry Point. The first settlers started arriving in this area on the Battle River in 1891. In 1902 a ferry was established to cross the Battle River and provide a link to the trails and on either side.  Around the same time a store and post office were established. Soon came a blacksmith shop, a feed mill, and a hotel. The actual Ferry Point Ferry only lasted until 1907 when a steel bridge was built. The town began to decline when the railroad bypassed it, as happened to many places who's fate was tied to the railroad. People and businesses began to relocate to neighbouring communities. In 1921 the Ferry Point Community Hall was moved away, leaving very little left to show that there was a community called Ferry Point.

A couple miles west of the townsite and river crossing is the Ferry Point Church and Cemetery. The former Ferry Point School was near the church also. The church was built in 1905 and is still looked after. What I found interesting was that is was never wired for electricity, it is as it always was. My tour guide Tim, told me that they still host a candlelight Christmas Eve service. This sounds absolutely charming and I would love to attend this someday.

The Ferry Point School was in operation from 1903-1949. It was then moved to Bashaw for use as a classroom, then as a teacherage and finally as a private residence. I hope it's still loved and lived in. This sign is on the corner of an occupied farm. The farm is still in the family of the man who donated the land for the Ferry Point School. That's pretty cool.

I have a bunch more great photos from this day but they will have to wait for my next post. Thanks to Tim for showing me around his neck of the woods!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Weekend and Abandoned Vehicles

Final Resting Place

Not the same.
It has been over 2 weeks since I posted. I keep meaning to find a few moments to sit down and write a post but something always seems to get in the way. Also, I have not found the time to get out and explore in awhile so I had to improvise and drive down the highway to a spot I had made a mental note to stop at sometime.  I have a few of those spots close by, in case of emergency. Today was an emergency.  I have been cooped up for a few days, my son was sick and then I got sick, we even had to miss family Easter Dinner in Calgary. Fear not, I cooked a turkey today so I didn't have to miss out entirely. I am usually in charge of cranberry sauce when I go to family dinners and always make my own. Did you know you can't get fresh cranberries here this time of year? Or so the kid at Sobey's said. I had to get's just not the same as mine. SMH, as the kids say/text.

I always admire the photos I see of old vehicles that people just seem to find sitting in fields or somewhere. I always wonder how the ended up where they did and who they belong to. I've driven my share of back roads but rarely seem to see old vehicles. I've found a few but other people seem to find them easier than I do. It's makes it fun when I do see one though.

I headed out to the 'emergency' truck I have seen a bunch of times just west of my town, maybe a 10 min drive...if that. It made for a good photo and took a slight edge off my need to get out exploring. I swear it's like an addiction.

GMC something, I like old vehicles
but don't know enough to ID them.

Close up!

Grill n Chill

Outstanding in it's field. Summer 2016
Near Trochu, AB

Was told this is a Datsun 510 Coupe 1968-73.
Found near Valhalla Centre, AB. Feb. 2017

Also because it was just Easter weekend, here is a bonus photo! Even though both my son and I were not feeling too chipper we did dye some eggs and had an Easter egg hunt around the house on Sunday. Since my kiddo is not a huge fan of chocolate, the Easter Bunny brought him some Lego, which kept him occupied for at least 20 minutes.
This was not the weekend we all had planned but I guess we made the best of it. Also it's the playoffs so lots of hockey to watch!
Have a good week everyone and I will try and post more often.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Pink Lady

I have driven by the 'pink lady' at least once a month for the last 3 years.  In the summer when the trees are in bloom only the top of her roof can be seen.  When the trees are barren in the fall and winter, you can see more of this lovely old gal.  I am not sure why I decided that Friday was the day but I grabbed my camera and headed out to meet her. I had visions of the homeowner being so excited that someone was interested in their old house that they would grab the keys and say, "let me show you the inside!".  Wishful thinking.....but you never know!

The Pink Lady is on the property of a newer home and other outbuildings so I was really hoping someone was home. Lucky for me, the homeowner was home and allowed me to take photos.  She said it is over 110 years old.  I commented that it looked to be in not too bad of shape but she said the inside wasn't. I guess no inside tour. I thanked her and said I'd take a couple photos and be on my way.

I did peek in the windows as I was walking around, not much to see.  No furniture or anything but I could see some original architectural details like some lovely built in shelves and metal vent covers. These as well as the baseboards were painted a bright shade of sky blue.

I will continue to admire this house as I drive by from time to time.

Here is a song: