Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Pink Lady

I have driven by the 'pink lady' at least once a month for the last 3 years.  In the summer when the trees are in bloom only the top of her roof can be seen.  When the trees are barren in the fall and winter, you can see more of this lovely old gal.  I am not sure why I decided that Friday was the day but I grabbed my camera and headed out to meet her. I had visions of the homeowner being so excited that someone was interested in their old house that they would grab the keys and say, "let me show you the inside!".  Wishful thinking.....but you never know!

The Pink Lady is on the property of a newer home and other outbuildings so I was really hoping someone was home. Lucky for me, the homeowner was home and allowed me to take photos.  She said it is over 110 years old.  I commented that it looked to be in not too bad of shape but she said the inside wasn't. I guess no inside tour. I thanked her and said I'd take a couple photos and be on my way.

I did peek in the windows as I was walking around, not much to see.  No furniture or anything but I could see some original architectural details like some lovely built in shelves and metal vent covers. These as well as the baseboards were painted a bright shade of sky blue.

I will continue to admire this house as I drive by from time to time.

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  1. She reminds me of an aging movie star. Once glamorous but now going to seed. Sort of a Mae West quality about her. She has retained some of her class even though she has fallen on hard times.

    (Silly to feel that way about a house, isn't it.)

  2. That's it exactly!
    Not at all silly, it's hard not to anthropomorphize this old character homes!!

  3. Pink siding! And the multi-colour shingles. For my mom, this would have been her dream home. Fantastic job capturing it.

    1. Thanks Chris! I am glad I got to see it up close not just through the trees on the highway.