Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Weekend and Abandoned Vehicles

Final Resting Place

Not the same.
It has been over 2 weeks since I posted. I keep meaning to find a few moments to sit down and write a post but something always seems to get in the way. Also, I have not found the time to get out and explore in awhile so I had to improvise and drive down the highway to a spot I had made a mental note to stop at sometime.  I have a few of those spots close by, in case of emergency. Today was an emergency.  I have been cooped up for a few days, my son was sick and then I got sick, we even had to miss family Easter Dinner in Calgary. Fear not, I cooked a turkey today so I didn't have to miss out entirely. I am usually in charge of cranberry sauce when I go to family dinners and always make my own. Did you know you can't get fresh cranberries here this time of year? Or so the kid at Sobey's said. I had to get's just not the same as mine. SMH, as the kids say/text.

I always admire the photos I see of old vehicles that people just seem to find sitting in fields or somewhere. I always wonder how the ended up where they did and who they belong to. I've driven my share of back roads but rarely seem to see old vehicles. I've found a few but other people seem to find them easier than I do. It's makes it fun when I do see one though.

I headed out to the 'emergency' truck I have seen a bunch of times just west of my town, maybe a 10 min drive...if that. It made for a good photo and took a slight edge off my need to get out exploring. I swear it's like an addiction.

GMC something, I like old vehicles
but don't know enough to ID them.

Close up!

Grill n Chill

Outstanding in it's field. Summer 2016
Near Trochu, AB

Was told this is a Datsun 510 Coupe 1968-73.
Found near Valhalla Centre, AB. Feb. 2017

Also because it was just Easter weekend, here is a bonus photo! Even though both my son and I were not feeling too chipper we did dye some eggs and had an Easter egg hunt around the house on Sunday. Since my kiddo is not a huge fan of chocolate, the Easter Bunny brought him some Lego, which kept him occupied for at least 20 minutes.
This was not the weekend we all had planned but I guess we made the best of it. Also it's the playoffs so lots of hockey to watch!
Have a good week everyone and I will try and post more often.


  1. Love your old vehicle pictures. The first car looks very much like the 1946 Desoto my Dad drove years ago. (I don't know much about cars so I looked it up.) If it is, that's the car I learned to drive in. Good grief! That car is as old as me! Scary. :)

    1. Thanks Vicki! Not too sure what it is but neat that it looks like the one you learned to drive in! I learned to drive in big 1980 boat of a car!

  2. Lego for Easter is a great idea.

  3. Lego for ANY holiday is a great idea :) Hope you and your son are feeling better. I know the feeling of needing to get out of the house.

    I love old vehicles too but like you, I don't seem to find them. Maybe you need to have a certain "eye" for them? I know I spot trains well before anyone else with me does, so maybe I have "train eye" and not "abandoned car eye". Maybe you have "old building eye"? ;)

    1. Thsnks Steve! Getting back to normal.
      I think I do have 'old building eye'. You definitely have 'train eye'!!