Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Dickson Store Museum - Now and Then

You all know that I love a good 'now and then' image and story.  Today's subject is the Dickson Store Museum in Dickson, Alberta. First let's get some history of Dickson! It is the oldest Danish settlement in Western Canada and was settled in 1903 by 17 Danish settlers who made their way there from Nebraska. 2 of these settlers, Carl and Laura Christiansen, opened a post office in their home in 1905  and then in 1909 built and opened the General Store and lived on the 2nd floor.  The Christiansen Family operated the store right up until 1980.  

Restoration on the store began in 1987 and officially opened as a museum in 1991. You can now visit the store as it would have looked in the 1930's, view the living quarters upstairs, and enjoy an ice cream cone in the ice cream room!

While you are in Dickson, you might as well head down the road (less than a KM) and visit the Danish Canadian Museum which is another great place to learn the history and culture of the Danish Canadians. Viking Days is one of our favourite events as well as the Haunted Forest in October. Both the Dickson Store Museum and Danish Canadian Museum are seasonal but with special events happening outside operating months.  

Dickson Store 1909 (From Dickson Store Museum Facebook)

Dickson Store c.1918 Courtesy of the Glenbow Archives

Dickson Store 1981 (From Dickson Store Museum Facebook)

Dickson Store 1992 after restoration. (From Dickson Store Museum Facebook)

Taken by me on our visit August 5th, 2021.

The Dickson area is also home to the Dickson Dam and Provincial Recreational Areas with all the outdoor amenities! So much to do in this part of Central Alberta and only a short drive from where I live!

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Fall Photo Roundup

I love Fall, it's my favourite week of the year. If you know, you know. Seems like one day the trees are turning yellow and the next day they're almost bare. I will take it though, we have had a very nice autumn so far and it really is my favourite time of year. 

Also, we are celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend. Technically Thanksgiving is tomorrow, October 11th, but I think a lot of people do their big dinner today. There was no getting together with family this year but instead a nice quiet dinner at home complete with all the usual turkey day fixings. Fun fact, I had to go to 5 different grocery stores before I found a turkey. I guess that is what I get for leaving that little detail until the last minute. So, Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends, may you always find a turkey at the first store you go to.   

I hope you enjoyed the images and thanks for sticking by me and my blog, which seems to have become a bi-annual publication at this point. Have a great week ahead!