Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Barns! Barns! Barns!

Awesome barn near Vulcan, AB

Here at West of the 5th, we are crazy about barns!  So crazy that we are dedicating a whole post to barns. Big barns, little barns, red barns, white barns, falling down barns, gothic arch barns, hip roof barns, and a special (to me) barn. Also there is no 'we' here, just me!

When I first started exploring the back roads barns didn't interest me much. What was I thinking?? I now think of the pioneers who built these barns and how important they were. I am kind of in awe of them now. I love big barns and I cannot lie!

The first barn is interesting as it was a CPR Ready-Made barn. These were a part of packages that the CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway) used to entice people to settle in the area. 6 'demonstration farms' were set up in Alberta showcasing everything you'd need to settle here. Here is a link to my friends over at who did a wonderful post about one of these farms. You'll notice my barn and the demo barn are the same. Not fancy but they got the job done.
Thanks to Jason Paul Sailer for letting me know about the significance of this barn.

CPR Ready-Made barn, near Kirkcaldy, AB

Big Skies! Barn near Trochu, AB
Beautiful arched barn, south of Clive, AB
Moody old hip roof near Eckville, AB

Near Sylvan Lake, AB

Urban Barn, right in the middle of Calgary, 
St. Francis barn, south of Genesee, AB

Frosty barn near Delburne, AB

Fimrite Barn, Valhalla Centre, AB

Near La Glace, AB

Near Valhalla Centre, AB

Saggy midsection, near Tomahawk, AB

Near Crestomere, AB

Have a seat barn!
On Menaik Road north of Crestomere, AB
Hello! South of Alix, AB

Last but not least is the barn built in 1926 by my great grandfather on their homestead in Southern Saskatchewan. This was the same year my Grandma was born, she was 1 of 12 children to be born and raised here. Her stories about growing up there are amazing and I know the barn was a huge part of her childhood. I remember asking her once what it was like to grow up the Dirty 30's, she says, " I never knew we were poor!" The old barn collapsed in 1999. The farm was sold when my grandma's brother passed away.  He'd lived there his whole life.


  1. Those are some sweet looking barns!

    1. Thanks Steve! That's just a few of the ones I have seen!

  2. Outstanding pictures! Brings back childhood memories of playing with the latest litter of kittens in my uncle's barn while he milked the cows by lantern light. Hadn't thought of that in years. Thank you for reviving such sweet memories.

    1. Thanks Vicki! I am glad my photos can bring back happy memories. They sound like wonderful memories.

  3. Particularly love arched-roof barns, and you've found some nice ones. Great write up, fantastic photos!

    1. Thanks Chris! I've found that I love arched-roof barns the best too!

  4. Wonderful photograph, Jenn! I have fond memories of playing in my Grandparent's barn in rural NH when I was little. :o)

    1. Thanks Chickenmom, I think that's the best thing I can hope for with my photo, that they'll bring back fond memories for people.

  5. Each new photo was my new favorite! What a great series of barns. I have forwarded the link to my wife, who has fond memories of the barn on her family farm in Indiana. I am not advising trespassing, and I certainly want you to be safety conscious, but if you ever get a chance to photograph the interior of a barn, I'd like to see that too. Each of your photos just draws me to want to be inside each of those barns. You have to be the best tourism advocate for the Province eh?

    1. Thanks Anon! I am thinking back to all these barns, most are not accessible without trespassing. They never seems to be close to a roadway so I can see them easily lol! I do have a few interior shots though and always try to get some if it is possible. Thanks for you kind words! It's such a vast and varied province, most of these barns are within a short drive from my home and there always seems to be another cool barn around the bend.