Monday, March 27, 2017

My Date With Anthony Hill

I had spotted this school during some online research and satellite photos showed that it appeared to still be there. A friend got there before I did and confirmed it's glorious existence and I have been wanting to see it with my own eyes ever since. This weekend was my time, I had a few hours and good weather so off I went. Some of the back roads still had some snow, it was melting and muddy. Other roads were just fine and some were so rutted that it felt like I wasn't in control and I was on some kind of track.  Like the jeeps in Jurassic Park. maybe it wasn't that bad but still I don't the feeling of my car moving with the ruts.

This wonderful old school is Anthony Hill, it is near Usona, AB. There isn't much in Usona now. The first Anthony Hill school was built in 1904. The one pictured here was built in 1914 to accommodate a growing number of students. The original school was then moved to nearby land where it was used as the Usona store and post office. I have read in 2 different places that USONA stands for United States of North America. In 1958 the school closed and became a community centre. It was used at least into the 80's as someone commented to me that he attended car club meetings here.

I made my way through a snow bank onto the grounds of the school, it was a slushy soggy mess. I could see into the basement through an uncovered broken window. It had some wooden benches and other junk. I tried the front door and it was unlocked, I had to take a quick peek inside. Once you are in the door you can go right which takes you down a pitch black scary set of stairs to a dungeon or hell or the basement. I couldn't be sure. The other choice is up into the main school room. I chose to go towards the light. The stairs creaked menacingly but I pushed onward and upward, it was about 6 stairs. It was a typical one room school with, you guessed it, one large room. This one did have a separate small room at the top of the stairs.  A cloak room would be my guess. The bathroom is out back somewhere. I didn't spend a lot of time in here, get in, take some photos and get out. Touch nothing and take only pictures.

I love the look of this old school and spent a while just looking at it from the outside. I feel like Anthony Hill and I are buddies now so I shall call it Tony Hill, I might even come back for a second date if I'm in the area.

Looking In

Looking Out

Tony Hill


  1. It was a bitterly cold day when I saw this. I did not even get out of my car. You got a much better look than I did. Great post.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Steve, it's one of my faves...I have a lot of faves!!