Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Good Hope Church & Cemetery

This church has been on my radar for awhile. I had planned to go here a couple of times and never actually made it, something else always came up. On the evening of May 28th I was heading to Sylvan Lake from Calgary and decided, last minute, to take a short detour. It was getting late but I thought I might get some nice light. I found the church easy enough, not too far from the town of Torrington, AB. Situated along a dusty back road, encompassed by trees, it was just how you'd picture a rustic little country church. It was a ideal summery evening, a warm breeze, beautiful golden light and no sounds of civilization. I can imagine someone standing on this same spot 100 years ago, turning west to face the same warm setting sun, closing their eyes and just being in the moment. Oh the feels!

My son, who I am hoping will appreciate all these adventures, quickly noticed that the lock on the church door was broken. I took a peek inside and secured the door as best I could.  A few days later I got in touch with the proper person and told him of the broken door lock. He was already aware of it and didn't seem too concerned as there is nothing of value inside. I think the old pews are simple and beautiful and am glad they are still there. He also told me that they have a Father's Day picnic there every year, which makes me happy that this place isn't totally lost to 'progress' and time.

I was surprised to see, or rather to not see, a marker of any kind here. Not even for the cemetery. In fact I didn't even know the name of the church until I contacted a local historian.

Church in front, outhouse in the back

Shots, shots, shots!
There is a small cemetery located here, a handful of graves only. I was surprised to see a relatively recent date of 2006 on one of them.

I will hopefully have some more information on this church and maybe even an old photo of it at some point soon (I have been working on it!), but wanted to post the photos now since I kind of fell in love with this spot. I have no previous connections to this place or area but I had a wonderfully peaceful feeling while I was there.

Thanks to BWBandy for sharing this one with me.


  1. Jenn once again posts better photos than my visit here. Excellent post.

  2. There is a peaceful feeling that shows in the photos. I think my favorite is the black and white shot. Lovely.

    1. Thanks Vicki! I might have stayed longer but the mosquitoes were getting unbearable. Buggers!

  3. That does look like a lovely spot. Thanks for posting, Jenn.