Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Foto Frenzy

Butze Elevator. Abandoned. 

Alternate title spelling: Phriday Photo Phrenzy. I am not a fan/phan of either honestly but it's been a long week, I am in a disagreeable mood and I got nothin' else.

I take a lot of photos, some are just shots of things that don't really warrant a whole blog post. Most of these can be seen over on Instagram. I made a deal with myself to post a new photo at least once a day for the entire year. So far so good. If you are on the 'gram, feel free to check my photos out @jennspix.

Here is a random assortment of some recent photos from my travels around East Central Alberta and a shot or 2 across the border into Saskatchewan. In no particular order....

Wimborne, AB

Amisk, AB

Near Provost, AB

Near Consort, AB

Macklin, SK
Are you saying to yourself, 'what the heck is a bunnock?' Well it is a game of Russian origin played with horse bones (bunnocks). The object is to knock over the other teams bunnocks. Think curling/bowling on a field but with horse bones. Fun! Macklin holds an annual Bunnock tournament, If Bunnock is your jam, then get your bunnocks to Macklin in August!

South of Wainwright, AB

North of Macklin, SK

Between Macklin, SK and Chauvin, AB. 

Near Wimborne, AB

Castor, AB

North End School, north of Macklin, SK

North of Czar, AB

Edgerton AB Museum

Battle Valley School now at the Edgerton Museum.
It is almost the end of Friday, I hope you enjoyed the photos and have an excellent weekend! Comments always welcome. I love hearing from you!
I am hoping a good sleep will find me in a better mood tomorrow.  Goodnight!


  1. You can never go wrong posting a grain elevator. Or a school. Or a church.

  2. Great collection of photos, Jenn. The only thing missing is a cemetery. :-)

    1. Lol true...I have a couple coming up though. They get their own posts!

  3. We seem to have the same problem too, a build up of otherwise good photos that don't belong anywhere, don't fit in or don't warrant a full write up. These types of posts are a good way to put them to use. Just did one similar. Trying not to sound redundant here, but great shots.

    1. Thanks Chris! Agreed, thanks for checking them out!