Thursday, September 14, 2017

Troll Falls

Troll Falls, September 9, 2017.

Something I didn't do enough of this summer was visit the mountains. On clear days I can see them waaaay off to the west from my house. I am lucky that I have always lived close enough to head there for a day trip.

A friend of mine wanted to do a road trip last weekend, so we joined her and her daughter. Destination: Troll Falls, Kananaskis Country, AB.

It was a beautiful day, not too hot and a bit of very light rain on and off. The walk to the first falls was under 2km and was mostly flat. Up to a certain point, you could easily bring strollers or bikes. People of all ages were on the well groomed path. After the first falls though, you have to climb to the 2nd and 3rd falls. There is still a defined path but it's a tougher to navigate than the first portion. The 2 kids did awesome! No fear in my 7 year old, he was climbing like it was his job and I had to keep telling him to wait! and don't run! I'm such a MOM. He told me he is extreme now and I am not letting him be extreme.

Let's Go!


This is the Trolls Nose
The 2nd falls were nice, tucked into a little canyon and emptying into what looked like a nice refreshing pool for a dip if you like freezing mountain water, it would be an extreme bathing experience.

The 3rd and best falls, in my opinion, was stunning! We hung out here for a bit, dipped our toes in the water and just enjoyed the moment. We were told there are more falls if you keep going but that will have to be an adventure for another day. We also want to come back here in the winter when the falls are frozen.

When you could see through the trees there were incredible views of the Rocky Mountains. I've seen these views many times and it still takes my breath away. 
View from the middle

A bit smoky but still phenomenal!
The return trip always seems to go much quicker and in no time were back at the trail head. After a quick stop into Kananaskis Village to grab coffee and snacks we were on the road. We planned a quick stop at Barrier Lake, it is along the highway and is another beautiful spot. No shortage of those here.

Barrier Lake is actually a man-made lake created by a hydro electric dam. There are picnic areas, a boat launch and hiking trails here. A return trip to stand-up paddle board here was mentioned for next summer.

Very low water levels

Selfie! Thankful for good friends and a good day!

My son seems to have the hiking bug so will be back in the mountains soon. Can't stay away from them for too long anyway. Do you have a favourite place to hike or visit?


  1. Your hike was incredible and the company wonderful. Wow for the waterfalls!

    The Bonshaw Trails on PEI are among my favourites here.

    1. Thanks Marie, it was a great day! I hope to visit the Maritimes someday, I hear it is beautiful there!

  2. What a wonderful spot for a day trip! The scenery is fantastic. Thanks for taking us along. I really enjoyed it. Love the picture of you and your son. :)

    1. Thanks Vicki, I can't wait to go back in the winter. Also the bears will be sleeping then lol

  3. I rarely ever hike anymore. Not many good spots around here

    1. Hi Adam, you live in South Carolina right? Very different places..lets trade places for a week lol!

  4. Hi Jenn :) Beautiful photos! I am a mountain mama! :) I think that your son has the bug...and trust me, once you have the mountain hiking bug, it's hard to shake! I'm lucky that I live right by a few little mountainous areas to hike. I say mountainous because our Laurentians are like little ant hills compared to the Rockies all look so nice in the photos! :)

    1. Thanks Rain, I am so happy he seemed to really like it, I have tried other activities that he just doesn't seem to interested in. Hopefully my heart can handle his new 'extreme' ways lol!!