Monday, January 2, 2017

Ghost Signs - Winnipeg

It's 2017, let's get nutty!

Happy New Year Everyone! Today is probably my least favourite day, the Christmas decorations are down and packed away (the living room looks so booooring) and back to work tomorrow. It's also the day I look at all our Christmas cards and letters again and feel slightly bad about chucking them in the recycle bin. I picture my mother standing in the card aisle looking for the most sentimental, mushy, gushy card about what a great daughter I am and feel guilty as I toss it.  Anyway, I hope everyone is enjoying one more day of whatever they want to do before it's back to work, life, school etc. 

On with the show!  Today's featured ghost signs are from Winnipeg, MB.  I spent a glorious afternoon by myself wandering around downtown Winnipeg, I was told later that was probably not the best idea but I am here to tell my tale. Winnipeg has a very picturesque downtown and I would like to get back and explore more.  

You might recognize the Nutty Club name if you're in Canada. Founded in Winnipeg in 1905 by A.E. Scott and J.L. Bathgate. They still make candy, nuts, baking items and some products under the 'Food Club' label and have warehouses across Canada. Their striped packaging and logo seems to have remained the same over the years and is a nice reminder of days gone by. I found a complex of a few buildings here but found out later that the oldest buildings are on another street and I never saw them unfortunately. The Mr. Can-D-Man logo looks like he is about to tip his hat and break into some barber shop quartet style song.  I hope he never retires and I hope to see his other buildings next time I go. Here's to another 100+ years of the Nutty Club and the Can-D-Man!

Thank for visiting!  Cheers to a happy and healthy 2017!


  1. I have never been to Manitoba. I might have to do a mad dash one day.

  2. This made me smile! I grew up just outside Winnipeg & saw these signs often

  3. Great series! The memories - sneaked inside the Nutty Club building in the 1970s. It was still used then, but someone left the door open and well, kids will be kids...

    1. That's great Chris! My friends and I always think back to when we were younger and are thankful there were no cell phones to record our shenanigans lol!