Monday, May 22, 2017

Crescent Falls and a New Nephew

Crescent Falls

It's May Long Weekend!  It's the unofficial start of summer, and it was a good one, weather wise and fun wise. It's been known to snow on May Long so this one has been the nicest I can remember in recent years.

Proof of cuteness
We started the weekend by visiting my 6 day old nephew in Calgary. I have to say, he might just be one of the cutest newborns I have ever seen (besides my own of course!). I'm pretty sure I'd think so even if he wasn't related. I am fairly certain no one else in the history of babies has felt this way.

I am so excited to finally be an auntie and my son, who is 7, is excited to be a cousin. He really liked the idea of this new baby but quickly realized that babies don't do much. He says he will teach the baby to be cool. I asked how he would do this and he said that he just needs to be himself. What a kid!

Ended the day with a BBQ with most of the other Calgary family. Only about 50% of the conversation revolved around the new baby. I thought it would be more but since he was not actually in attendance I think it skewed the results.

We had talked over a couple possible things to do on Sunday but didn't really decide until we had packed up the truck and headed toward the highway....east or west....we chose west towards the mountains and the Nordegg area. I had been wanting to go back there since my trip earlier in the year. I had to see Crescent Falls for real this time. We went in the winter but didn't go far enough and only saw the canyon and didn't know I had to drive farther. Oops. This was my re-do.


Long way down
To get down to the falls from the trail, it's a short but steep climb. A rope has been installed which makes it so much easier. It looked a bit daunting but it wasn't bad at all and it was TOTALLY WORTH IT.  It was just such a marvelous spot, with the mist lightly whirling around a picturesque inukshuk at the base of the falls (photo op!). I could've spent the afternoon sitting on the rocks soaking up the sun, but we has places to be! More on that later! (Spoiler's Nordegg and the Brazeau Collieries).

2 dudes and an inukshuk

The one selfie where I look acceptable, the boy has to have a goofy face lol
Today is yard work and working on getting wood ready for photos, I need to restock a store in town and for a few farmers markets coming up this summer. Hopefully there is good weather wherever you are.


  1. Jenn, your photos of the falls are stunning. I had never heard of an inukshuk so I had to look it up. Fascinating - I learn something nearly every day.

    The baby is adorable - makes this grandma want to pick him up and snuggle. :)

    I love the selfie. Your son mugging for the camera is priceless.

    1. Thanks Vicki, it was a beautiful day. Now that I know the way, I will have go back and see the falls when they are frozen...but I don't want to think about winter yet!! Inukshuks are interesting, whoever made that one did a good job.

      I think I held the baby for 2 hours, I forgot that even a 6 pound baby gets heavy after awhile! I didn't mind so much.

      Haha my son has no shortage of silliness, he's a great kid.

  2. Beautiful places you have there,and beautiful baby and child:)

    1. Thank you Yael! I live between the Rocky Mountains and prairie land, very different and both very scenic.

  3. Congratulations on the new nephew!

    What beautiful falls!

    1. Thanks Steve! It was a darn good weekend!

  4. Congratulations on the new addition to the extended family. Great pictures, as always.

    1. Thanks Harry! Hope you had a nice long weekend!