Wednesday, December 14, 2016


There once was a school called Betchton
It now looks lonely and forgotten
I found it one day
It was too cold to stay
I'll come back when the sun's out to play

Betchton Community Centre.
It must be totally obscured in the summer!
Hopefully I didn't lose you after that poem...I will stick to taking photos. However I do think rhyming 'Betchton' and 'forgotten' gets an 'A' for effort.
Ok, so the school in the picture is in the Betchton district (NE of Olds, AB) but it is not the Betchton School.  It is actually Reed Ranch School, built in 1929.  It was moved to Betchton and became a Community Centre when consolidation occurred.  The date above the door says 1962. No info found on the fate of the original Betchton school, but likely demolished if a different school was moved in.  It was a unique looking school, not one of the typical designs I have see.   Neat!

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  1. Hi Jenn, do you happen to have any photos of the Betchten school from 1945-1960? My grandma went to school there and I’m helping her with some research.